No choice for no paywave

This is part of a letter of complaint I have just sent to my bank having spoken to them regarding the fact that I am now unable to have a choice whether my credit card or eftpos card is with or without paywave.
I am told that my bank has no control over this?
It is a bit sad to hear that my bank and therefore its customers, have no control over our money and how we wish to pay someone —and in fact Visa and Mastercard are calling the shots. I thought it was our bank owned by kiwis?
I know there are many people who do not want paywave and are very wary of losing their card because of this service, but we are all just so tired, rushed and busy and ultimately know our voice against a bank will not be heard, that we feel just what is the point in trying to protest.
But I am asking that you hear my voice on behalf of the many people who want the option of not letting someone just wave their card in front of a device and $80 of their hard earned money just disappears.
Pathetic or otherwise I want someone to check my signature or at least make me put in a pin number that makes things a little more tricky if my card gets lost!
I appreciate coffee is very important and we must have it quickly. There was once such a thing as “instant coffee”; however, we now have to wait forever while the barista prepares it, but then can not possibly wait to punch in four numbers. I realise all this, but surely we should have a choice.
If technology is this clever surely they can make an option that those who wish to NOT have paywave can choose to NOT activate it.
T. North
The Post Newspaper also did some research and found that while banks encourage those who don’t want to use paywave to use the swipe method instead, there is no option for cards to be set up without the paywave feature. 

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