Nina recognised for 60 years of teaching

She’s been teaching for 60 years and plans to continue for a little bit longer yet.

Nina North, who grew up in England, but now lives in Pukekohe has been part of the Fitness League for the majority of her life.

“My mother went to the Fitness League classes when she was expecting me, so I guess it’s in my blood.”

Nina went to children’s classes that started up when the war was over. When she was old enough, Nina spent two years training to be a Fitness League Instructor in London, then went on to teach for nine years. She eventually found herself in New Zealand, where the Fitness League had been established in 1937.
She was recently awarded a certificate for 60 years of teaching. Nina is part of the Pukekohe group which is celebrating 31 years of operation.

“The League started because there was nothing for women, so it helped to get women moving,” Nina said.
“It’s a great cross-section of society,” she said. “It keeps me going.”

When asked what she enjoys about the classes, Nina says seeing everyone have fun, reap the health benefits, exercise within their means and make friends.
“We do have social events as well.”

As part of her certificate for 60 years of teaching, Nina was also given a trophy made by a husband of one of the women involved in the league to commemorate the 80 year anniversary of the league in New Zealand. As Nina was celebrating 60 years of teaching, it was decided that she would get to have it first. “It’s just amazing.”

Nina said it’s the friendships that make her enjoy teaching the classes so much.
The group meet on Tuesday mornings at the Pukekohe Town Hall Chamber rooms at 9.30am.
“We’ve grown in numbers. We really are a friendly group. Everyone says so.”

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