New Zealand record for Waiuku powerlifter

Ben Holmes, back in the gym after winning his class and coming second place at the GPC Nationals in July.

A powerlifter from Waiuku has come away with a new title and a New Zealand record.

Ben Holmes, who has been involved with bodybuilding for several years, decided to focus on power lifting this year. And his hard work has paid off.
He recently won his under 140kg class, setting a New Zealand record, and came second overall at the GPC Nationals held in Avondale.
With three attempts in each of his categories, Ben came away with a squat weight of 320kg, bench press 210kg and deadlift 335kg.
“I was expecting to lift around 850kg in total, and lifted 865kg combined,” he said.
“It was a good result!”
“This was my first time doing a proper programme,” he said. “I trained four times a week, but the sessions are longer, so I could be training for up to two hours at a time.”
“It worked really well. I managed to put 65 kilograms on for my last total, which was a huge personal best.”
Along with new personal bests in his lifts, he found the powerlifting to be enjoyable.
“You can eat what you want,” he said. “It’s a lot more social, I can go out with friends and don’t have such a strict diet like with body building.”
He says it has been good having a rest from the strictness of bodybuilding. But he is still getting results.
Ben has another competition in December where he will be trying to come away with the top title, and another New Zealand record.
While he will be training with a different programme, which will focus only on deadlifts and bench press. “That means an extra day is dedicated to deadlifting and no squats,” he said. “I’ll work on each movement twice throughout my training,” he said.
Ben was also sponsored by Raiseys New Zealand, a Kiwi brand who provide  another new avenue which has been a learning curve. Raiseys New Zealand are supporting him, and are a Kiwi business supporting a Kiwi. Those interested can use the promo code Ben 10 to receive 10 per cent off their products.

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