New recycling drop-off sites coming soon for Franklin

Late last year EnviroWaste decided to stop the collection of recyclables at its Pukekohe Transfer Station, leaving Auckland and North Waikato residents with fewer recycling options.

Both Auckland and Waikato were advised at short notice that the Pukekohe transfer station were going to stop their services from Monday, January 11, 2016.
Envirowaste, a privately-owned business operating on their own land, told council of their decision to pull their recycling drop-off service a week before Christmas.
“More notice to customers would have been helpful, however, they are a private business and there has never been a contract in place with us to run the site or the service. We are not aware of any public consultation in making the decision. It was a commercial decision that was solely theirs to make and they made it,” says Waste Solutions Manager for Auckland Council, Ian Stupple.
“Waikato District Council is now actively looking for a temporary alternative to offer residents,” said General Manager Service Delivery, Tim Harty.
The company has said publicly they no longer have room for town recycling, and will instead concentrate on restructuring the site for commercial customers.
Many residents from both Franklin and North Waikato have said they are keen to continue recycling right, and the both councils are keen to ensure this happens as well, with strong support from Franklin Local Board.
“Our focus is on enhancing our current offering of recycling drop-off sites. We are finalising negotiations with landowners and potential operators, and we will confirm new options as soon as possible,” said Ian Stupple. Waikato Council expects to confirm and communicate that temporary measure to residents over the coming weeks.

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