New pavers approved to be laid in Waiuku

The Waiuku Local Board has approved stage one of the new paving to be laid in the town centre, an area stretching from Queen Street Takeaways down to Waiuku Dollar Mart, including the ASB corner and Flight Centre, and continuing around to the Waiuku Roast alleyway on Bowen Street.

Sharlene Druyven, Waiuku Town Manager, says that extensive consultation has taken place regarding this development. “A select committee has over the last 6 months visited many town centres in and around Auckland, and has talked to many people to find a product that would be suitable for our township.
“There is no easy solution to this issue and we know we will not please everyone. Unfortunately, as our services under our paths need to be accessed on a regular basis, and the reinstatements are not exactly flash from the contractors, paving is the best, tidiest and safest option. “We have opted for a ceramic paver that is 100% absorbent, can be water blasted, doesn’t need to be sealed and is environmentally friendly. It is also colourfast so won’t fade over time. The trial areas that were laid in October last year still look great so initial signs are promising.”
The pavement will be laid in several stages, to ensure that the paving performs suitably for its purpose and can be cleaned with the current Auckland Council cleaning regime. It is hoped that the paving will start to be laid between late February and early March. Auckland transport will work with the board to identify the most convenient time for this to occur, with the least amount of disruption.

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