New hospital for Franklin

Auckland Council is in the final stages of granting local property investor Neil Young of the Young Group of Companies, and a group of Doctors the green light for the new “Franklin Private Hospital’.  “It’s an exciting new development, which has been years in the making,” according to those involved.
Franklin Private Hospital will offer comprehensive health care and will be constructed over the next two years.
Three fully equipped theatres will cater for all types of surgery. A range of specialists will provide professional services in state of the art facilities.
“We believe in Franklin and feel the time has come for us not to have to travel to Auckland for our tertiary health care needs,” the Doctors said.
“Our vision is to be able to provide services to the entire Franklin community. If we can work together with the Local district health board (DHB) to fund some procedures, all patients can be treated at the local facility, not just the privately funded ones.”
Franklin Private Hospital will be located at 149 Manukau Road, Pukekohe, next to the current Urgent Care Franklin site. It will also house a comprehensive radiology centre, including MRI and CT scanning, ultrasound and standard X-rays, orthopaedic and cardiology suites, plus a car park facility for 200 cars.
“The specialists at our hospital are all very well known in their respective fields, and will bring the best specialist care to Franklin.”
“We believe that a community is rated on its health care and education. These are vital reasons people choose to reside in an area, and with the opening of our own hospital, Pukekohe and its surrounds will be elevated to one of the most desirable areas in New Zealand.”
Building is expected to begin in early 2018, with a price tag that could well exceed $20 million. There will be future opportunity for Franklin residents to buy shares in the facility.
Deputy Mayor and Franklin Ward Councillor Bill Cashmore said “It will a great step forward for medical services in Pukekohe and Franklin, once approved”.

What’s on offer:

  • Three fully equipped theatres for all types of surgery.
  • An 800m2 state of the art Urgent Care facility which will be the new home of Urgent Care Franklin.
  • A fully equipped radiology centre, incorporating MRI and CT scanning, ultrasound and standard X-rays.
  • A State of the art Gastroenterology centre including Endoscopy and other day patient facilities.
  • Bariatric centre for the management of Obesity.
  • Specialist consulting rooms.
  • Orthopaedic consulting suites.
  • A full cardiology suite which able to carry out most cardiac diagnostics.
  • An ophthalmology suite for refractive and management of eye disease.
  • An ENT (ear, nose and throat) and plastic surgery suite.
  • Overnight suites for inpatient care.

10 responses to “New hospital for Franklin”

  1. Margaret Price says:

    The best news ever! Thank God is all I can say! No more motorway nightmares going to the Super Centre in Manukau and suffering the gridlocked traffic. Thank you thank you thank you.

  2. Eunice Attwood says:

    At last. This is badly needed for the Franklin area. Best news I’ve heard for ages.

  3. With 800 sq metres of hospital space I guess they will be doing a lot of ” micro surgery ” !
    What is wrong with the land around the current hospital as a DHB contribution ?

    Great to see something but a bad location

    • Anonymous says:

      “An 800m2 state of the art Urgent Care facility which will be the new home of Urgent Care Franklin.”-
      I don’t think 800m2 is the size of the hospital… just of the new Urgent Care Facility. You wouldn’t need 200 car parks for just 800m2 of building….

  4. Maureen Palmer says:

    Fantastic news…when do they start building?

  5. Russ Ford (Russ, Mangatawhiri) says:

    Its been quite a month or so for Pukekohe, announcement on electrified rail and now a hospital (albeit private and not public). What’s next… enclosing ECOLight stadium (like Forsyth Barr) as a year round sport and concerts venue?

  6. Evelyn Kingi says:

    That’s great for Pukekohe. So glad I wont have to travel to Middlemore Hospital anymore. Love the idea for having an ENT Department

  7. Ashley Frazer says:

    Wonderful news!!
    So much easier for locals instead of travelling to CMDHB.

    How do we apply for jobs??

  8. Sonia Graham says:

    Yay can’t wait how do we apply for jobs. Save going to auckland for work

  9. Sonia Graham says:

    Hi guys any idea when this hospital will be up and running?? Would love to put my name forward for work.

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