Netball centre fire caused by birds

Birds building nests in the roof cavity is thought to be the reason behind the fire at the Waiuku Netball Centre on Thursday 16 November 2017.
“Thank goodness we had Twilight Netball being played. I don’t think there would have been a building standing if not,” said Club President, Tracey Phillips.
A member of the public called the emergency services as soon as smoke began seeping from the roof.
“Fifteen years of birds storing straw in the roof cavity took its toll, and caused an electrical fault just above our kitchen,” said Tracey.
“Thanks to the efficiency of the Waiuku Volunteer Fire Brigade there was no extensive damage to building. We just have a massive hole in the ceiling, which will hopefully be covered by our insurance.”
“We are so lucky to have a great local brigade who got to the scene so quickly. You guys rock.”

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