Need more kids?

Sadie Jooste, Matt Bolton and Maddi Hair

Matt Bolton has been running the Oete goat farm in Patumahoe for five years. As calf clubs approach, he and the team are letting the community know that this is the place to be if you need more kids. The farm has around 2500 does, each one averages two kids, meaning there’s plenty of little ones for calf club days.

Sadie Jooste works at Oete Goat Farm and helps out with kidding season each year. This year, the kids are up again for Calf Club days.
“Goats are very social animals. They’re much more interactive than sheep,” said Sadie. “It started with my own kids who really wanted goats for their calf club day. We couldn’t find them anywhere and had to go to Morrinsville to pick one up.”

However, with the Oete Farm having plenty of kids to go around, there are many for all.
“My own kids had kids for calf club days, and the goats still recognise them,” Matt said. “They know when it’s you, they’re very clever.”

Oete Goat Farm works with Franklin Vets to get packages together for calf club kids. “It’s very easy. We have all the information ready and we’re always available if you’re unsure,” Sadie said.
Sadie said they also get asked to be judges at some of the school’s calf club days. “We’re fair though,” she laughs, “but it’s great to see the goats doing well. And we love it when parents communicate back to let us know how they get on at calf club or group days. We’ve had a few champion goats.”

Goats can be picky, she said. “They need shelter as they don’t like the rain.” “And keep them out of the garden,” Matt adds, “they eat everything.”

More details will be available on the Facebook page Oete Goat Farm. “Franklin Vets support us. The kids just need regular feeds, warmth and cuddles,” Sadie said.

We all love goats at The Post and were really excited when we got the opportunity to visit Oete goat Farm in Patumahoe….

Posted by The Post Newspaper on Tuesday, July 10, 2018


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