Nats take it out, but Labour makes the big gains

“Let’s do this!” was Labour’s byline. On Saturday night as the election drew to a close, it seemed the message had gotten through. At least to many in the Hunua and Waikato electorates.

With a party vote increase from 13.1% to 20.9%* in the Hunua electorate, and 14.7% to 23.2%* in the Waikato electorate, Labour made the big gains on the party front.

Despite losing the Hunua electorate to National’s candidate, Labour’s Baljit Kaur was celebrating progress. She took to Facebook on Sunday morning posting, “We all knew that this was a very blue held seat, but we should be proud of ourselves. We increased party vote to 7333 from 4699. This is a beginning not an end. Let’s keep on doing this!” The party line still going strong.

This election, over 34,830* voters cast party votes in the Waikato electorate, and over 35,000* in the Hunua electorate. That’s roughly 70% of enrolled voters in each area. National claimed both the candidate win, and the party win, in both electorates with only marginal percentage changes in each.

Hunua and Waikato voters were off their Greens though, with the Greens party vote plummeting by over 50% in both electorates. This mirrored the nationwide result achieved by the Greens, a drop from 11% in 2014, to just 5.9%* this time around.

NZ First stayed relatively unchanged with only minor percentage movements. A final Facebook post on Friday by Hunua’s NZ First candidate, Jon Reeves, included this line, “… the Party Vote for NZ First is all I am asking for…”

At candidate level, National’s Andrew Bayly retained his Hunua seat.

In the Waikato, National’s Tim van de Molen took it out with less than a year under his belt.

Back at country level, and at the grand age of 72, one man will be having all of the fun this week. Commenting that he felt lucky to have survived the election, Winston Peters now holds all the cards.

How they’ll fall, only Winston knows.

*Based on preliminary figures released by the Electoral Commission.

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