National leader visits electorate

Simon Bridges, leader of the National party visited Pukekohe and Waiuku on Thursday 19 April.

At both the Pukekohe breakfast and the Waiuku morning tea, he answered questions from his constituents about transport plans, Labour’s decision to end offshore oil exploration, and MMP.

At the Waiuku morning tea function, Simon said it was a great privilege to lead the National party. “New Zealand is going incredibly well at the moment,”he said.

“My vision for New Zealand is for opportunity. We want their people’s meal ticket not to be a plane ticket.”
Simon said National would continue to be a strong opposition party, to think of ideas, listen to the communities and plan for the next election in 2020.

“I’m excited about New Zealand. Labour take the shine off it. We will hold the government to account, and support them when they’re doing the right thing. We’re developing exciting plans for 2020. We’re in fighting shape.”

He said the Labour government currently had 77 enquiries on the go. He also said the recent decision to end offshore oil exploration was dangerous for New Zealand and businesses have already seen negative impacts. “National would reverse that decision,” Simon said. “But it’s about relationship with other businesses and countries and it’s more than a simple decision.”

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