National conference returns after 20 years

The Franklin Branch of New Zealand Tree Crops Association is looking forward to hosting the annual National Conference at Wesley College in April 2016.
The last time Franklin had this honour was in the late eighties.
The initial goals of the visionary NZTCA farmers was simple: people should plant more trees not just for aesthetic reasons or to supplement their income, but promote interest in trees for general benefit and encompasses trees for the environment.
Since establishment, membership has spread throughout New Zealand and is an association of gardeners, householders, orchardists, farmers, smallholders, scientists and researchers.
The Franklin Branch saw a great deal of trial and error, as sub tropical and temperate fruits were obtained and trialled from casimiroa (white sapote) and cherimoya to avocados and passion fruit. Some of which are part of history from a commercial point while others a great success.
Avocados were unheard of in Franklin at the time and plantings in Pukekohe East failed for lack of good drainage but thrived in Glenbrook area with the sandy good draining soil. The walnut trial gave evidence that some varieties
could flourish and others wouldn’t, all useful information.
Today there are many enthusiastic members in the Franklin Branch of NZTCA, and they welcome anyone who is wishing to be kept informed of this event, visit

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