Mysterious Flying object?



A reader from Waiuku wrote to The Post regarding the ‘mysterious flying object’ that shot up in the sky around 3:30pm on Tuesday 24th. They thought that it looked to be travelling at the wrong angle to be a plane and travelled at a rapid rate as it disappeared behind the clouds. They could also see the vapour trail arcing right across the sky as they headed to Pukekohe. The Post’s designer was in Pukekohe at the time and was quite taken by the sight as it formed quite a large and thick arcing cloud, however taking into account that there was a plane in the vicinity flying at 36,000ft it would be hard to spot the plane and perhaps the vapour trail from that plane could have been affected by winds that caused it to spread out whilst dispersing.

The Post contacted the CAA and this was their response: Nothing unusual in this at all. It is likely a contrail (vapour trail). Here is a screenshot from “Flight Radar 24” at 2.46 yesterday afternoon (1.46 UTC) – it’s not obvious from the photos supplied what direction the contrail is in, but there are a few jets in shot there that it might be – the QFA jet highlighted is high enough to do this. It’s not something that CAA would investigate as it is perfectly normal – albeit always interesting to see in our skies.Untitled



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