My garden is a mess!



We took two weeks off to be Enrichment speakers on The Dawn Princess as she cruised from Sydney around New Zealand and ten back to Sydney. We had a fabulous time and our talks were well received. Who knows it may become a new hobby.

While we were away, apparently, there was quite a bit of rain. The garden is a mass of weeds. I am going to spend the next two weeks filling the compost bin! But I must say that amongst all the weeds there are some surprises.
The broad beans are producing well, as are the cabbages I planted back in late July.
After I have found the soil again in the garden, it will be time to plant out more melons that are growing in the glasshouse. Also continue to plant salad greens and radish.
Sow beans and peas (snow and sweet) into the garden, but do not over water them at first as the seed will rot in the ground. This is a hint I was told by a fellow passenger while we were away. Courgettes can go in now, and for those of you who are lucky enough to have planted some earlier, you may be almost ready to harvest.
Beetroot planted now will be ready around March. Either buy small plants from your nursery or plant seed directly into the garden.

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