Music students share their sound

Waiuku College students will be releasing their album ‘Our Sound volume one’ next week.
The music students have been writing, recording and producing their music throughout the year. They have compiled their songs into a CD which can also be bought online via iTunes.
Head of Department Ben Reugg said the task has been a challenge for the students, but gives an opportunity for people to hear what they’ve been working on.
The release party will be held at the Kentish Hotel on Sunday 10 December, from 12.30pm, with live performances of the songs. They will also be selling copies of the album.
“We want other people to hear our music, it is exciting to share it,” said year 13 student Jamie Walker.
Mr Reugg gained the inspiration for the album from other music teachers around Auckland.
“We revamped the programme for this year,” he said, “And I modelled my work on examples other schools have done.”
It has meant the students have worked in the studio, using industry standard software to record and produce their tracks.
Year 13 Kieran Jepson said this year in music has been different from previous years. “We worked on our songs every music period, and at lunch. I’ll miss it next year for sure.”
 “It’s cool to be able to show our friends and family and the rest of the school what we’ve been up to,” Jamie said.
The plan is for a CD of the student’s music to be released each year  The music will also be available on iTunes and Spotify.

Waiuku College students have made an album, which will be released next week.

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