Mudlarks target complete clearance

The Mudlarks are a Waiuku group of mostly older people, who have been responsible for clearing mangroves from the Waiuku Estuary and other inlets. They are keen to clear the whole of the Tamakae Estuary down to Sandspit, with mangrove forests still left off Racecourse Road, on the eastern side.

Mudlarks have had to keep away from Tamakae Estuary each summer because evidence of the endangered bird, the banded rail has been found there, and they could be nesting.
Mudlarks chairman Ian Scobie said, “Come Thursday 15 February, we are able to return to Tamakae, and we have until Saturday 1 September to cut those mangroves.”

The ageing group of volunteers thinks it’s an achievable target to have the whole of the Tamakae Estuary cleared of mangroves by September this year.

“To make this happen, we will need the input from our present active members, and help from other interested and keen people who can offer a portion of their time to help complete this task,” Ian said. They are looking for anyone with a spare morning, or spare week to help out.

The work can be managed by people of any gender or age group. Most of the task consists of stacking cut mangroves into cradles, and transporting them to the landing by barge.
Waterproof overalls, gloves, hi-viz vests, and gear are supplied with time-out mid-morning for a cuppa and chat.

Why not spend some time improving the waterways, and getting the benefits of health and fitness at the same time?
If you are interested and want to offer help or to find out more, please contact Tony Ogilvie 09 235 2148 or Dave Gribble 09 235 8867.
The Mudlarks have cleared more than 20 hectares of Mangroves since they began seven years ago.

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