MPI no longer involved in possum investigation

Last week, Ministry of Primary Industries confirmed that they are no longer involved with the investigation into a fundraising possum hunt after concerns were raised over the way baby joeys were disposed of.

The possum hunt was held from Thursday 22 June until Saturday 25 June, which saw hundreds of adult possums killed for Drury School’s annual fundraiser.

According to witnesses, young possum joeys were taken from their mother’s pouch and drowned in a bucket of water.
Animal rights activist, Lynley Tullochan, attended the event and made the complaint to MPI.
MPI confirmed that the case has since been handed over to SPCA Auckland, shortly after they were initially involved.
A spokesperson for SPCA Auckland confirmed that they were investigating.
“SPCA Auckland has engaged with the school according to our standard animal welfare protocols. We won’t be making any further comment at this stage,” a spokesperson said.

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