Manned Police Stations 24/7



The Post called last week for the Police to investigate having a 24 hour Police station open in Waiuku over the weekend. That may appear to be a pipe dream on behalf of The Post as the Police don’t believe it is necessary at this point in time. Pukekohe Police Station has Police officers working 24 hours a day, seven days a week and Police have to prioritise jobs as they come in, according to Kay Lane – Area Prevention Manager Pukekohe.
The Post fully understands that the Police will always need to prioritise calls. We agree with and understand that, however we are not convinced that level of policing in Waiuku is adequate. Last weekend a group of teenagers were behaving badly in and around Waiuku township according to social media posts. Reports of naked girls running around the streets, teenagers urinating on cars, alcohol openly being carried and drunk in public were allegated.
The Police were called according to someone who wants to remain anonymous. An eye witness, who also wants to remain anonymous, saw the Police arrive at the Z station, speak to the teenagers and then drive off. No arrests appear to have been made, or anyone held accountable for their behavior.
Is this ok? What is next? Is Waiuku out of control?

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