Making history in Hunua

According to Jon Reeves, candidate for New Zealand First, the Hunua electorate could be in for a great surprise in this general election, with the Hunua electorate having two Members of Parliament.

With the New Zealand First candidate, Jon Reeves, being ranked on the party list at 16, there could be two MPs with offices in Pukekohe.

“If elected via the party vote I will open the first ever New Zealand First office in Pukekohe to give the Hunua electorate a second set of eyes and ears. I will invite all the electorate to the historic opening. I’ll even invite the local electorate MP to the opening though I am not sure if they will attend. Competition is good and with two MPs in the area we will both be kept on our toes to help the area get investment it desperately needs,” Reeves said.

For history to happen in Hunua, New Zealand First only needs to win 12% of the party vote this election if the Rt. Hon. Winston Peters retains the Northland electorate.
“Fortunately for New Zealand First, we are the only political party of the big four which tends to significantly increase the party vote on election day. The other three parties tend to have significant decreases,” Reeves said.

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