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Z’s Good in the Hood is back this May, with a number of deserving organisations needing community support.

Each year, the community funding programme awards more than a million dollars to Kiwi groups throughout New Zealand. This year, Z Pukekohe and Z Waiuku have chosen four groups each to support, and will share $8000 between them.

Locals can vote with an orange token each time they shop at Z Energy stations throughout May.

This year, the organisations include: Pukekohe Community Patrol, Pukekohe Volunteer Fire Brigade, South Auckland Riding for the Disabled and Franklin Hospice.

Z Waiuku is supporting Coastguard Waiuku, Bellyful Franklin, Marama Hou Ministries Trust and Waiuku Family Support Network

Melanie Kennerley from Kennerley Retail Investments says,”For all groups, it assists them in doing the amazing work they do in the community on a daily basis.”

All of the organisations were grateful to be part of the experience.

“We’re really happy to be selected again this year,” says Darryn Pritchard of the Pukekohe Volunteer Fire Brigade. “We’re one of the busiest volunteer services in New Zealand. We’ve completed around 210 jobs this year, averaging two a day.”

This year, money that is donated as part of Z’s Good in the Hood campaign will go towards specialist equipment for the brigade which is not funded by the wider Fire Service.

For Waiuku Coastguard, March has been the one of the busiest months in a while, with three call outs a week. The funding they receive will go towards new wet weather gear.

Alison Daldy and 10 year old daughter Bella from South Auckland Riding for the Disabled will be putting the funds towards saving for a suitable pony.

Alison says it was amazing to be selected for the campaign. “We were ecstatic,” she says. “The children benefit from the horse therapy, and it also leaves an impact on the families and communities. It’s rewarding work.”

Leanne McMurtrie from Bellyful Franklin says there has been a huge increase in demand for meals. “Last month was the biggest month ever. All of Franklin, but particularly Waiuku is growing,” she says.

Franklin residents can vote for the organisations by placing their tokens at the labelled voting booths at their local Z station.


Representatives from eight community organisations who will be supported by Good in the Hood this year.

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