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Set in Victorian times, ‘The Long Frost – A Bloomsbury Family in Crisis’ is an historical fiction novel written by local journalist, Rex Warwood.

The story has incorporated much of England’s rapid development during the Industrial Revolution, into a family saga which covers the lives of four generations.
England suffered its worst winter in history and the newspapers labelled it ‘The Long Frost of 1890’.
However, the freezing conditions outside were minuscule compared to the suffering of the Warwoods of Bloomsbury, who were realising the full effect of the forced marriage inflicted on their mother 25 years previously.
To make matters worse, England’s largest investment bank was going down and it was taking the family’s life-savings with it.
The famous writer of the times, Charles Dickens, referred to this period as ‘the best of times and the worst of times’ and ‘the greatest city in the world’ was inundated with millions of new migrants, putting huge pressure on housing and the infrastructure.
The story involves two families who came together and set about developing properties in London’s East End, demolishing slum buildings and replacing them with new terraced houses.
The author has included many actual events, such as the introduction of the railways and how they changed lives of ordinary Londoners; the rapid growth of new villages that popped up like mushrooms across the rural regions of London; the plight of poor families, most of whom were unable to afford the new rents demanded by the developers; the development of council bylaws that were responsible for improving sanitation in London; and the introduction of Freehold Land Societies which, for the first time in England’s history, provided the ordinary man the opportunity to own his own home.
Couple these happenings with the drama that threatens to blow the Warwood family apart and the result is a powerful saga that will make compelling reading.
“’The Long Frost – A Bloomsbury Family in Crisis’ has a twist or two towards the end,” says Rex who adds he was fortunate to have local input into producing the cover.
Pauline Dawson was the perfect model for Angeline, one of the book’s main characters. The two talented ladies from Pukekohe Performing Arts dressed Pauline in a typical Victorian dress to ensure she looked the part.
“The end result was quite stunning, and I am extremely pleased the way the whole project has turned out,” he says.
‘The Long Frost – A Bloomsbury Family in Crisis’ is available at Paper Plus Bookstore, 43 King Street, Pukekohe.

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