Lights Out For The Last Time



From humble beginnings 20 years ago, Phyl and Jim have built a spectacular Christmas Display which tens of thousands have had the privilege of seeing. For the last five years the show has been held in the Waiuku War Memorial Hall, however this year will be the last one.

The Christmas Display lights will be going out for the last time this year, as Phyl and Jim Snedden feel it is time that they pass the joy on.
This dynamic couple have been proudly displaying their animated collection for the past 20 years, with this year claiming to be even better than before.

The Christmas display originally began as a friendly rivalry between friends. Phyl and Jim have been growing the collection ever since.
For the past five years, the display has grown to fill the Waiuku Town Hall, with items collected from all around the world.
“We just love sharing our passion of celebrating Christmas. And seeing the look on people’s faces as they walk through the door is totally worth it,” says Phyl.

However, after 20 years, Phyl and Jim feel that it is time for the biggest Christmas display in New Zealand to be passed on.
“We would like to spend more time with our family and friends over the festive season and feel that the time is now right to offer the collection to another enthusiast that can carry on the tradition.”
The collection boasts many heirloom items including Santas and decorations that have now gone out of production.

The display is a massive draw card to the town, bringing thousands of visitors to see the festive exhibition.
“While we are incredibly sad to have made this decision, it is time for us to share the joy with someone else that could quite possibly make it even bigger and better than ever,” say Phyl and Jim.
“The Christmas Display is available for purchase by someone with the same passion as us”.

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