Letter: What is that black stuff in my water?

What is that black stuff in my drinking water? I drink about six to eight glasses of water from the tap a day—always have and probably always will.
There have been media reports of water problems in Morrinsville due to a broken pipe and in Huntly residents have ongoing concerns with thier water quality from stomach complaints, a chemical smell, and items being washed smelling like dirt.
Just this week in Pukekohe small black fleck type particles came out of my tap and into my glass as I ran the tap leaving a black grime substance around the porcelain sink that was hard to remove. It makes me wonder if our water is 100% safe?
I trust Watercare to take care of our water. We pay for it. It must be clean, they work hard to provide it.
Dunedin and Napier have also had very recent water problems. Dunedin residents were asked to boil their water due to raw untreated water which got into the main water supply. Napier had a postive test result for e coli earlier this year. A protest march was organised by the protest For Good Water Quality in mid December for residents to express their concerns. Sickness and health problems were some of their reasons to march. Temuka water was found to have asbestos.
Auckland’s water is not yet tested for micoplastic pollution, though Watercare is investigating how to test for small particles and fibres.
Are these water concerns something that is going to be an ongoing concern in New Zealand? Rates are expensive and we pay for our water and expect it clean, yet why are more cases of unclean water problems surfacing?
I’ll continue to drink from the tap in Pukekohe yet I now look into the glass and make sure I haven’t the black specks I had earlier.
S. Huggett.

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