Well done Watercare

When we moved to Waiuku in 2006 I really noticed the poor taste and calcification/limescale in the water compared to Auckland’s supply.
Since then there has been a gradual improvement to water here and we find it perfectly drinkable now. The calcium build-up on the shower glass and our water jug is practically nil.
You can descale both your shower glass and water jug with “Sunbeam Descaler”.
There is also one for showers I think. There may be other products on the market also. Once you descale your jug it may help to empty and rinse it each morning before use.
Consider also what build-up there may exist already in your house lines.
We do need to remember this is ground water with all its extra minerals, as apposed to reservoir water.
All in all I am satisfied with the water quality in Waiuku now and have been rather surprised at the volume of complaints.
Well done Watercare from us. A. Prouse , Waiuku



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