Letter— Stop dumping on footpaths

May I make a plea to all those who live on the Hamilton Estate to STOP dropping litter on footpaths and street verges; STOP deliberately breaking glass bottles in the same places, STOP littering in the walk throughs—one between Rata Street/Hamilton Drive, the other between Matai Street/Hamilton Drive. STOP deliberately dropping litter on the Hamilton Drive sports field.

Take your rubbish home. Put your rubbish in the bag for weekly collection. Drink tins are recyclable—put them into the big green bins which are emptied fortnightly. Don’t put your baby’s disposable nappies into the recycle bin. To do that is dirty and disgusting! Nappies belong in the rubbish bag. (Yes, there are those who put nappies into their recycle bin.)

Broken glass is a health and safety danger to those who walk bare-foot— mainly children. Children are put in danger of injury and infection from the broken glass on footpaths and verges.

In my opinion, children learn to litter via the examples set them by their parents. We are all stewards of this land and our neighbourhood. Not only the tangata whenua. If we all cease to irresponsibly litter, there would be no need to have a “Great Waiuku Clean Up”.

I am fed up picking up after other residents on the Hamilton Estate who so needlessly drop their litter wherever they thoughtlessly choose. The outside is an extension of the inside of our homes. Do all of you who drop litter, do the same in your living rooms?

A Hamilton Estate resident.

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