Letter – Solar panels stolen from cenotaph

What can one say? This act of vandalism is so heartless? What has happened to our society of youth today, or pardon me it, could have been an older person who thinks these solar lights belong in their garden. My god what is our community becoming? As for the thugs that robbed my local petrol station, I’ve lost count on how many times they have been robbed this year. We truly need to look at the punishment we are handing out.
Too precious I say, not tough enough like it was 30 years ago. Police are working damn hard to catch and arrest these villains, only to be smacked on the hand by the judge told not to do it again. And they walk away with a little home detention if at all—yes they laugh. Crime is out of control in our country, why don’t we look at WHY? There is no accountability, or you can’t punish them as they are too young. They know exactly what they are doing when scaring people, that are in their own business, trying to work an honest days work. A 14 and two 15 year olds —where are their parents at 4.30am? I say punish them hard. I don’t know where it is all this going to end. The law is not winning here, the thugs are way too many. Scary. L Clarke
Editors note: The Post Newspaper has touched base with the West Franklin Community Trust, and there has been no further developments as to who have may have stolen the solar panels.

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