Letter: Road courtesy and disability parking spaces

I would like to acknowledge and thank motorists here in Waiuku, and many in Pukekohe, for their consideration and thoughtfulness.
I am an unwell and disabled older woman. I must use a walker for safety and stability of my person. I never just ‘step out’ onto a pedestrian crossing. I wait for clear indication that it is safe for me to do so. No one should ‘just step out’ as of right, onto a pedestrian crossing. Pedestrians have responsibilities too—just as motorists do (eg: first, look right, then left and then right again).
So many drivers in the Waiuku and Pukekohe township slow or stop, even before they have reached the point where they legally must, and indicate to me to cross the street. I appreciate that greatly, but rarely can say so to the motorist—I can only gesture my thanks to them.

A word to those who still selfishly park in spaces clearly indicated as being for those with a disability. It is ILLEGAL for anyone who does not have a Disability Card (which MUST ALWAYS BE CLEARLY DISPLAYED in one’s vehicle) to use such parking spaces. I wouldn’t wish such a need on anyone. PLEASE DON’T use our parking spaces when you are not disabled!

Waiuku Resident

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