Letter—Road accidents

Every time a senior police officer is shown on TV following a car accident he/she is bound to claim that excessive speed was a contributory factor. I am not surprised about this, the respect of speed limits was removed in many drivers eyes when the authorities opened up two stretches of NZ roads to 110kph, and as a result the reverence for the general 100 speed limit was totally undermined.
If it was okay there, then why not everywhere? There was no restriction that it had to be a certain age or size of car, no qualification on driver skill or experience, just that the road was good enough, so hit the gas. It is interesting to note that if the stretch is 20km long then one would save two minutes of travelling time.
Since the announcement of the 110KPH roads, the amount of car crashes in New Zealand have almost doubled. Am I the only one who sees the connection?
New Zealand is one of the few countries in the world where there is no requirement to improve one’s driving skills. Once you have your licence all you can do to it is lose it. This is not good enough if the road toll is to be reduced.

D Davies, Waiuku.

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