Letter: Plastic Waste

Transfer stations will no longer accept plastic containers over four litres capacity. We are told to cut them into smaller sizes (!) or crush and send to landfill in orange bags (Auckland wide, probably 250 bags per week).

I submitted an online request to Auckland Council on January 8 and received an instant (computer generated) response stating that I would receive a reply within ten working days.

A reply did come on January 23(eleventh working day) saying that my query had been forwarded to the “Recycling Team” and I can expect to hear from them directly.
Another 11 working days have passed but I have received nothing more.

And we pay the salaries of these people. Why is there no plan to cope with problems like China no longer taking our plastic waste (there was an offer of equipment which would heat and compact plastic waste but Auckland turned it down! It is now working well in the South Island).
A. Hawkins, Waiuku

Note: The Post Newspaper contacted Auckland Council, who said that Transfer Stations are privately owned. The Post will be contacting local transfer stations this week to follow up the request. On Auckland Council’s website, they say: A transfer station is a place that accepts and treats waste before bringing it to a landfill or recycling facility.

Waste collectors and the public can bring waste items not suitable for kerbside collection to transfer stations. This includes:
* garden waste
* household waste
* hazardous items
* scrap metal

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