Letter: Our kids are precious

As a regular visitor to the Onewhero Golf Club I have recognised this SH22 problem for over fifteen years. No matter how often you drive this stretch of road, the hazard area comes up without much warning. It annoys me that the WDC spokesperson in speaking about their bureaucratic hoops that need jumping through, completely misses the point that action is needed this week not next year, before a tragic accident occurs. At the very least some ‘loud visibility’ white fencing should be installed this month, either side of the road and either side of the Pukekawa Village road section, with major SLOW DOWN warning signs. This inexpensive construction has been done at Mangatangi on all roads either side of the crossroads, and while it doesn’t stop the yobbos, most law abiding drivers respect and respond to the visible reminder by slowing down. Our kids are precious! R. Ford

Petition driven by Pukekawa School speed limit

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