Letter: New (uncompleted) Pukekohe station transport hub opens

Most people in Pukekohe will have been unaware that last Wednesday (6th June) the new Pukekohe station transport hub was officially opened – although why it has occurred when the project is still far from finished is baffling. While all the dignitaries from central and local government and Auckland Transport were patting themselves on the back for a job well done (albeit half done), it was ironic that the people who actually work at the Pukekohe station such as the bus and rail staff and their unions, were not invited to this ribbon-cutting event – so much for everybody being onboard together. It was also interesting to observe that despite the speeches about wanting more people to choose public transport, how many of the official attendees actually used public transport to get the opening of this public transport hub that they expect everyone else to use – the number of cars present belonging to these who attended, spoke for itself. R Ambry, Pukekohe

$16 million Pukekohe Station upgrade opens



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