Letter: HNZ Houses some very very good neighbours some not so good

Some thoughts about your column re: HNZ houses. My husband and I are very aware of HNZ houses in a street. YES, you can get very, very good neighbours in HNZ homes, but there are always the ones who never mow their lawns, wreck the HNZ house they are in, and have no consideration for anyone else.
They use their garages as a “party central”, not used to ever house their vehicles. Noisy parties, children playing unsupervised on the road, I could go on and on.
Unfortunately, those ones give all HNZ tenants a bad name. Yes they do lower the property value to properties owned by hard working New Zealanders who have mortgages to pay. Some of them also have fallen on hard times, but they have got themselves back up. They look after their properties, and consider others around them.

Name supplied.


Too quick to judge?


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