Letter – Feedback on the Moth Plant



Upon reading your article on the above subject I was somewhat angry to be made aware that the moth plant is not classed as a controlled weed throughout the whole of Auckland – indeed the whole of New Zealand.
I’m appalled to regularly see this terrible pod plant flowering on property, rail and road boundaries when travelling about Auckland.
To say “in most other Auckland areas there is no legal requirement to remove these plants” is like saying I must remove it from my property while my neighbour can let it continue to flourish and spread its seeds back onto my property!!
As an Auckland Council park maintenance volunteer I am angered to think that while I, and others with me, are working hard to eradicate this menace from our local native bush park areas, we may be wasting our time.
Recently, we carefully pulled one vine from a native tree and were staggered by the amount of pods we collected, which collectively, amounted to tens of thousands of viable seeds. Below is a photo taken of this particular smallish vine’s load to show what a smothering,destructive plant this is if a total eradication is not enforced.
Name withheld.

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