Letter— Feedback on front page regarding Envirofert

Steve Douglas’ feature article regarding Waikato Regional Council allowing Envirofert in Tuakau to allegedly bury contaminated material is to be commended for its detail, its insight and its directness. Too often Councils recommend complainants take them to court, knowing full well that they have the use of ratepayers’ money and the complainant by and large will not have the resources. This is quite simply a form of arrogance. The words in the third paragraph of Steve’s article stating a lack of common sense in councils throughout NZ may well have been highlighted. How far up the tree does this debacle go? A person, or persons at council are responsible and must be made accountable regardless of who it is and regardless of the seniority being junior, senior or highest managerial level. A due legal process must be undertaken and if the conclusions go against council, then to retain some sort of public confidence they must very openly advise the public what actions they have taken. I sincerely hope The Post follows this matter to its conclusion and advises its readers of the outcome.

N. Reid, Tuakau

Buried: – greed or incompetence?








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