Letter: Data fact check

I am writing to you after reading the article you published about the Alcohol vs Tobacco which was featured in The Post Newspaper.

I am a strong believer that alcohol does cause a lot of problems in our community and I am all for a increase on the tax of alcohol products sold. But I feel that the data you have displayed in the article is incorrect. You are comparing one beer to one packet of cigarettes. I think you should of compared one 12 pack of beer to the packet of cigarettes.

Since one 12 pack of beer has the average price of $24 and one packet of cigarettes has the price of $25.45. So if one 12 pack of beer is $24 then the tax on that 12 pack is $2.40 per pack. You also did not mention GST Tax and the manufacturing cost and supply margin as you did with the packet of cigarettes.

With the data you have displayed you have made alcohol out to be a lot worse than cigarettes by a mile with only displaying the tax on per beer by the 12 pack. One cigarette costs $1.27 based on a price of $25.45 for a 20 pack. Excise tax on one cigarette is $0.82, GST on one cigarette is $0.19 and manufacturing cost for one cigarette is $0.24.  Name supplied

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