Letter – Cross with crosswords

Editor’s Note: After an overwhelming response asking where our crossword answers were for the last two weeks, we can safely let our avid fans know that this week’s answers can be found on Page 19.
We would like to apologise for their omission, and can advise our readers that they will hopefully not be omitted going forward. Technical issues do arise from time to time that are beyond our control, however we would like to thank you all for your support, and for taking the time to let us know that they were missed! 🙂

Some comments were:
Hi there, being an avid sudoku and crossword fan, I love to “take a break” and do the puzzles in the news paper over breakfast. But, I also like to check the answers, especially when I’m stumped. I have searched in vain but can’t find them, even checking out all the other pages full of advertising. Any chance of this oversight being rectified in the near future? N. Young (Letter abridged)

I love the weekly crossword. Thanks to Mason Lawrie Law for sponsoring it!
I can’t seem to find the answers in the Classified section. Am I some how missing it? M. Hobson

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