Letter – Community Kindness

This is a thank you to the woman concerned. 
Confirmation of how most individuals are kind and helpful to another was reaffirmed by an experience I had over the weekend. 
My Eftpos card suddenly decided to have fits and would not be processed (later explained by my bank saying that the chip can be infected by an odd Eftpos machine and are sending me a replacement card). 
I was in the New World Supermarket and rather embarrassed that my Eftpos card refused to comply! The cashier and supervisor could not understand as the first part of the process went through. I did not have the cash to pay for my purchases. 
A woman behind me at the checkout advised on using a plastic shopping bag to cover the Eftpos card—but it still did not work. I had to leave my shopping items behind to go to an ATM machine to try that avenue when that same woman appeared at my side and asked how I had got on. 
She absolutely insisted on lending me $50 to cover my shopping and to give me her details so I could pay her back—very trusting. Then she said: "Wait, I have something even better! Here is a $50 New World gift card for you to use." She was adamant and still refused to give me her contact details. I was overwhelmed and so grateful for the trust and kindness of this woman. A huge blessing and thank you to her. She knows who she is.

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