Letter: Alcohol vs tobacco vs taxes

It’s official, we have become an over taxed Nanny State Country or is it a Communist Country? No longer do we have the freedom of choice without it costing you by way of a tax or the government’s new choice of word a “levy”, which of course is still a tax. We have been paying a tax on a tax for awhile. Take the ACC Levy for example, which is a tax, you pay GST on that.
We have tax deduced from our pay. Then what’s left of our pay, we’re charged GST if you spend it.
It’s the same if you are on a benefit. The benefit money you receive has come from tax but you’re paying tax when you spent that. But not all tax is equal as pointed out in last weeks Post. Tobacco is taxed way higher than alcohol.
Now the Auckland City Council along with the Government are inventing a new tax aimed at Auckland called “Congestion Charges”. Aucklanders have been paying more tax on petrol and diesel than the rest of the country for as long as I can remember. This was because the powers that be knew we would have to expand our infrastructure to cope with a growing city.
Where has all that tax money gone because it obviously didn’t go back into roading? This is on top of the “Transport Levy Targeted Rate” you are charged on your rates bill by Auckland City Council which is “A targeted rate to fund capital costs of the accelerated transport programme across the region” Ours was $113.85, what was yours? And this an ongoing charge, not a one-off.
My husband is a smoker and on Wednesday he received a letter from our Medical Centre stating they were required by the Government’s Ministry of Health to send him this letter offering him “FREE local support to stop smoking”. He doesn’t want to stop smoking and surely this is his right. What right does the Government have to impose itself through our Medical Centre like this? He’s not sick, never has been. He hasn’t been to the doctors in years. He filled in a form once and stated he was a smoker. Because of this they feel they have the right to pressure him.
But he is sick of being ripped off by the exorbitant taxes forced onto him because of his choice, of which he has no choice but to pay, pay, pay. It will be the stress of having to work longer and harder to pay these exorbitant taxes that will kill him before a smoking related disease does.
At this rate if the Government and powers that be continue to over rule and over charge, in another ten to 20 years New Zealand will be back in prohibition, we will all be wearing the same colour and style of clothes.
The majority of your money will go to the Government (hang on, that’s already happening). No visitors will come here and New Zealander’s won’t be allowed to leave. Communism.
Solution: Government reduces its own spending by reducing staff levels, reduces its members perks, stops wasting money on committees that look into things that don’t need looking at and stop making policies that don’t work. Reduce taxes and give the money back.
This increases growth in the economy, jobs which means more people working, less crime and a happy nation. Remember that the Government doesn’t make any money, they use our money and they spend our money.

L McKee

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  1. Cal says:

    Your idea of communism is inaccurate, it is not a huge over seeing power, it is a government where for example a farmer gives all his milk to the government and the government gives it to everyone equally, no one is made special by being given more or less.

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