With the recent big announcement from the Government and Auckland Council intending to spend $28 billion on transport in Auckland, including around $4 billion on a light rail line to the airport which was recently revealed that less than ten percent of anticipated users would actually be airport travellers, it begs the question why still proceed with light rail to the airport?

If light rail is needed to replace buses along congested central city arterial routes, the Queen Street/Dominion Road light rail line should terminate in Mount Roskill as originally planned, and instead build a heavy rail line from Manukau to the airport and Onehunga via Puhinui.

This would be of use to far more people, particularly from South Auckland and Franklin where many workers in the airport area travel from, and could also be used by proposed new rail services from Hamilton and Tauranga, connecting the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Franklin with a fast, reliable congestion-free service into Auckland via Auckland Airport.
R . Anderson, Pukekohe

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