Letter: Against tax of alcohol

I’m afraid I’m strongly against increasing the excise tax on alcohol. Whilst I understand all the arguments about the social cost of drug abuse (whether alcohol, marijuana, P or any other drug) I have to suggest that the cost and remediation is a cost that needs to be borne by the whole of society not simply part of it.
I typically drink ~ one bottle of wine a weekend; sometimes a little more. I don’t see why I should pay extra for that when the problem might as easily be caused by the son/brother/mother/father/etc. of a teetotaller.
If we are to do anything perhaps we need to ensure that we are taxing all drugs equally (the US proved that prohibition didn’t work) and dealing with the addictive personalities amongst us no matter what they get hooked on? Simply increasing the tax on one isn’t going to do anyone but criminals any good.

Name supplied.

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