Kitten season in full swing



While most enjoyed a well deserved break over the holiday season, Zoe Thomson from Waiuku Colony Cat Rescue has been run off her feet, as the volunteer group has been inundated with cats and kittens.

With kitten season in full swing, there is a new rescue every day of mother cats and their babies, with some cases leaving Zoe to question just how intelligent the human race is.
One of the most recent rescues has seen a mother cat and her six kittens taped up in cardboard box and dumped in a resident’s rubbish bin down Tawa Place, Waiuku. “The resident went to bring in their rubbish bin and heard a noise. Upon looking in the bin, the resident opened the box which saw the mother cat leap out with one of her kittens, who were very young. I just can’t fathom why someone would do this,” explained Zoe.
“With the fantastic cooperation from the person who found them, we have since reunited the mother cat and kittens and they will be looking for homes once ready.” Zoe says that people need to consider that pets are life companions before taking on the responsibility of cat ownership.Untitled
“They are a big commitment, involving regular flea and worm treatment, and desexing. These kittens that we are receiving shouldn’t be born and it is such a shame that we are still struggling to get the message across.”
Zoe also said that she has found an increase in renters leaving their cats behind when shifting houses. “We have had many more rescues from renters leaving behind their cats, and usually they haven’t been desexed. Think about the cost of owning a pet before actually getting one. Your local vet centres offer great advice. We need to start being more responsible pet owners.” For more information on the volunteer group, or if you can offer a forever home, visit: Waiuku Colony CATS Rescue Inc on Facebook.



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