Keep up to speed with road safety

With kids heading back to school across Franklin this week, Police want parents to take time to check they’re up to speed with road safety.
Police ask parents to sit down with their kids before returning to school and have a conversation about road safety rules, particularly if their child is going to be travelling to school on their own. “It’s important to remind them that any time they are crossing the road they must stop, look and listen for any cars, bikes or cyclists before they step out,” says Inspector Peter McKennie, Manager of Operations for Road Policing.
Police are also urging parents to remember that kids will follow their actions. “If you break the rules kids will think its okay to as well and for that reason we need parents to stick to the road rules.”
For motorists in general, Police ask they remember to keep their speed down and be extra alert. “Even small increases in speed result in a much greater increase in your stopping distance, and that can mean the difference between life and death for pedestrians, so it’s vital you slow down around schools. Children make mistakes, but they don’t deserve to pay for them with their life. How you drive makes the difference,” says Inspector McKennie.
Parents, make sure you chat to your kids about these safety tips:
•            Young children should be accompanied by an adult, older child, or a buddy.
•            Discuss the use of crosswalks, and why it’s safer to cross at some corners rather than others.
•            Discuss the meaning of traffic signals and markings along the route.
•            Teach them to cooperate with police, school safety patrols, and adult crossing guards.

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