January was a scorcher!

A few weeks back as the temperatures soared and sweat ran down my cleavage even while I was trying to sleep—I say “trying” because not many of us have been getting a lot of sleep lately—I took an emergency trip to one of the big stores in search of a sanity saving fan.

There were none. I nearly cried. I appreciate there are much bigger problems in the world, but sleep deprivation was used as torture for a reason! Not since having beautiful (but very demanding babies) have I experienced such sleep loss and I was going nuts. And I wasn’t the only one. Children all around wilted. With their eyes sunk deep into their sockets, their tolerance levels shattered, their desire to moan, whine and grunt exacerbated, the never ending summer was turning into a never ending whine fest!

According to MetService, the highest temperature recorded this January using Pukekohe as the location, was 29 degrees. Well it sure felt hotter than that! The highest low we experienced was 21 degrees and the lowest temperatures often only arrive between 4am and 6am (hence the sweaty nights).

Principal Forecasting Scientist at Niwa, Chris Brandolino said the heat this summer was a result of a combination of warm air from the north, warm ocean temperatures and climate change. “Our atmosphere is warmer than it was 100 years ago. So when you have alignment of all those three things, you get these extreme results.”

If you think it’s been hot though, spare a thought for those who experienced the summer of 1973. On February 7, 1973, eight out of ten of the hottest temperatures ever recorded in New Zealand occurred, all of them higher than 39 degrees. The winner was Rangiora with a stinking hot 42.4 degrees.

The upside, and it’s a big one, is that we’ve got a real Kiwi summer! Sun, sand and swimming by the bucket load. Ooh and the summer fruits—haven’t they been delicious?
So now that I have a fan whirring away as I sleep, my sanity once again in check (greatly assisted by the fact that the children have all gone back to school to “delight” their teachers once more), I look forward to slapping on the sunscreen and stuffing in as many beach swims as I can before the summer fades. See you there!

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