January crash statistics

Since the start of 2018 there have been 40 deaths on our roads. Of these, nine were motorcyclists and two were pillions.

Police and ACC are asking motorcyclists and drivers to take care, as nearly a third of deaths on our roads this year have involved motorcycles.

“It has been a terrible start to the year for motorcyclists and the families they haven’t come home to,” said Assistant Commissioner for Road Policing Sandra Venables.

Sandra encourages riders to be aware of their pillions, and reminds all road users to make safe decisions on our roads.

Mike Tully, ACC’s Chief Customer Officer, says “Motorcycle riding is acknowledged as high risk, but getting training to handle the environment and conditions in which you ride can reduce that risk, and avoid the physical, emotional and financial cost that results from serious crash injuries.”

“ACC has partnered with NZTA, the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council, and training experts to develop Ride Forever safety training courses, which are run throughout New Zealand. Visit: www.rideforever.co.nz

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