Italy trip for Tuakau students

Every three years, Tuakau College offers an overseas trip for their Year 11 to 13 students and this year 64 students will participate in a trip of a lifetime to Italy, France, Germany and Dubai. Thirty-nine adults and staff will accompany the tour, making a combined tour party of 103.  The goal is to experience life in another country and to visit sites of significance.
Students have worked very hard fundraising for the trip over the past three years, and now it is about to become a reality with ‘ bon voyage’ on Saturday, 23 September, 2017.
A visit to WWG High School in Bayreuth, Germany is also on the list where students will provide a presentation on New Zealand culture.
Tuakau College would like to thank the Tuakau and wider Franklin community for their ongoing support with fundraising whom  without their support the trip would not have been possible.

Dressed in blue, Tuakau College students, teachers and parents display this year’s tour uniform.

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