Hudson’s Beach Norfolk Pine under threat

Exposed roots of the Norfolk Pine.

Wendy Jones, who owns a bach at Hudsons Beach, has great concern for the forty year old Norfolk Pine near her bach.

“This recent storm has damaged the beach to the extent now it’s absolutely heart breaking”, said Wendy. “Now the Norfolk Pine that means so much to so many is under threat.”

Wendy is a descendant of the Hudsons through her grandfather. She says “the Norfolk Pine was planted by my father, Mr Les (Darkie) Turner, who was the son in law of the late William Hudson.”

Wendy’s dad loved the beach as much as the rest of his family now does and his memorial service was held under the Norfolk. Half of his ashes were taken a short distance in a boat to be sprinkled into the sea. A plaque was then inserted into the bark of the Norfolk pine which reads “time and tide wait for no man,” which was his favourite saying.

This tree also featured in the “V” energy drink ads in 2009, when someone managed to climb to the top of the tree and place an orange cone on top for all to see.
Wendy says “my entire life has been spent at Hudson’s during the holidays and I’ve never seen weather the likes of what we’ve experienced this summer. In the past, yes, the water has flooded the road and our front lawns, but never the depth and force of nature as has recently occurred.”

Now the precious Norfolk Pine is under threat as the roots have been badly exposed due to the recent cyclone and the tree has a lean. “The damage looks extensive and expensive which is worrying,” said Wendy.


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