How to escape a locked toilet

Getting stuck in a locked public toilet on a late Friday arvo is not exactly the best party invite . Well, I’ll tell you a true story from last week.

I was just about to swing into Countdown, yet needed to go to the toilet. Just before racing around the supermarket aisles I ran across the road and into the public toilet on Seddon Street.

It’s one of those toilets where the door automatically shuts when you press the button to close once you are inside. Kinda like being in Dr Who’s Tardis.

So after finishing I quickly washed my hands and pressed the button for the door to open. Ok, so nothing happened. The door wasn’t opening. I pressed open again then again and then pressed open another five to six times.
“Sh@! I’m stuck in the toilet.”

Having left my phone in my car I settled in my mind for a long wait. Waiting to be rescued by the ‘locked in the toilet rescue response squad’. But being late Friday afternoon, I figured the rescue squad will be rescuing themselves all the way home for a beer.

I pressed ‘open door’ a few more times and looked behind me for a window I realised didn’t exist. I bent down and tried putting my hands under the gap to force the door open yet it was stuck fast.
I tried the small gap near the handle and tried to force it open that way. Nothing. A few choice words came out as I laughed at my predicament.” Oh my God I’m stuck in a toilet”.
That’s the edited version.

I banged hard on the toilet door in frustration and then out of the blue I turned and I just flushed the toilet.
“Far-out” miraculously the door opened and I was free. A woman and her son heard my banging on the door and were coming to my rescue they told me once I got outside.
We had a quick laugh. Moral of this story is if you ever find yourself stuck in a public toilet with a computerised system not letting you out after pressing ‘open sesame’ many times, just flush the toilet.

If you do flush and the door doesn’t open, hmmm I think there maybe a system problem. I’ll leave the door open next time. Yes I didn’t flush the toilet and I guess I got owned Friday night. I wonder what Dr Who would have done?

Story By Simon Huggett

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