How careful do we need to be?



Have your SayMy Question is: Who would have been to blame in this situation?
I was recently following behind a tractor for quite a while when travelling from Waiuku to Pukekohe. I was unable to pass owing to double yellow lines and oncoming traffic, until on a long stretch of road I was able to safely pass (or so I thought). Out of the blue, a car was heading towards me. It had come out of a left hand drive and was heading towards Waiuku.
Not having time to think if this was the correct thing to do I sped up to go between the car and tractor. My thoughts later where “oh my goodness I could have hit the front of the tractor”. I was only thinking about the car at the time. This could have caused a terrible accident, so once again who would have been to blame?
B. Brain (Waiuku)

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