Heritage Panel Feedback

Following on our story of the Heritage Panel opposing potential demolition of the Pukekohe Station building, we received the following two responses;

It would be utterly foolish of both AT and KiwiRail to destroy this building. As mentioned in the article there are many old station and rail infrastructure buildings that have been restored and integrated into upgraded stations on Auckland’s suburban network. These include Papakura, Newmarket, the Otahuhu signal box that provide great character and facilities at the stations.
While it might be great for an organisation such as the Glenbrook Vintage Railway to take on such a building it’s not really a practical thing for them to do. The best option for this building would be for AT and KiwiRail to accept the offer from the Franklin Heritage group and convert it into a functional building of some sort. However with KiwiRail’s current policy of charging full commercial rates for any leases of KiwiRail land or facilities it would be difficult for a heritage group to financially manage such a task unless they were able to make a commercial return themselves from the building. G. Deed

The Pukekohe Railway station should stay where it is, or if relocated it still needs to be served as a station for the public and passengers at the new park and ride or surrounding area. The building is very rich in history and one of the first buildings to be erected to serve Pukekohe, as it was built over 100 years ago. It’s a crime should it be demolished and we need to save our station and preserve our history. Many railway workers worked there and it was a home away from home over the years for the staff, and it’s a shame to see it in this state. Come on Pukekohe “let’s save this” station for now and for future generations to enjoy. S. Lynch

Heritage Panel oppose potential demolition

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