Heritage collection on show

By area, Te Manukanuka o Hoturoa (the Manukau Harbour) is the second largest harbour in New Zealand. Loved and enjoyed by many, the harbour has always been a source for food gathering, and has long provided the means for navigating the expansive coastline.
A heritage photo exhibition exploring the people and activities on the Manukau Harbour, titled “Gatherings on the Manukau”, has made its way to the Waiuku Library. Many of the pictures are of people fishing for kaimoana.
The exhibition has been touring the edges of the Manukau Harbour on Te Hau a Uru—the wind that blows from the west—from Titirangi to Waiuku. The tour forms part of the 2017 Auckland Heritage Festival.
The exhibition will be hosted at Waiuku Library until Saturday 4 November.
On Saturday 28 October, heritage staff will be in attendance at the library. Anyone with heritage photos or documents relating to Waiuku, the Manukau, or anything historical of interest, can bring them in on the day for items to be scanned, or donated, if they wish.

Celebrating the opening of the “Gatherings on the Manukau” exhibition are from left to right: Bruce Ringer, Susan Carpenter (front), Sharon Smith, John Mackle, John McCaffery and Roimata Minhinnick.

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