Health the focus of sKids programme

Safe Kids in Daily Supervision (sKids) will be making health the focus of their after school programme at their Sandspit School location.

Vinita Prasad, the area’s local sKids out of school care provider, announced on Thursday 1 January that she has launched ‘FoodStorm,’ an exclusive sKids cooking programme. This will be offered as a complimentary service within their sKids Sandspit School site.

Vinita says “sKids are dedicated to growing core capabiities in the kids in the Franklin community, so they flourish in life and learning to cook does just that. Not only does such a skill help with their overall health, but it will also build their confidence.”

FoodStorm is already in Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton and its key ingredients are fun, simplicity, healthy eating and resourcefulness. Recipes have been developed with support from the New Zealand Heart Foundation to reflect the importance of healthy eating. She says parents will be excited to know that their kids will have the opportunity to learn to cook too.

“Sandspit School is just the beginning,” said Vinita. “Every kid should have the opportunity to learn to cook, and because FoodStorm is mobile we have plans to offer it right across the Franklin area.”

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